As I think I have mentioned about million times here on my blog, I am an avid second-hand shopper. Whether it be in a charity shop, on eBay, a vintage fair or antique centre, I love having a rummage around to see what gems I can find. There is really nothing more satisfying than when … Continue reading PRELOVED OUTFIT OF THE MONTH | FEBRUARY


It's no secret that the world of blogging is becoming more and more visual. There are content creators out there that can literally make their entire career and income solely from Instagram (lucky buggers), with minimal writing required. There's no escaping the fact that the visual side of blogging is super important, maybe just as … Continue reading BLOG PHOTOGRAPHY 101

HELLO 2018!

Trousers - Zara (similar here) | Jumper - Vintage | Boots - Primark (similar here) | Bag - Biba (similar here) Hello January, hello 2018! There's always a buzz around the start of a new year - the realisation that we all have a fresh 12 months ahead of us, the seasons to go around … Continue reading HELLO 2018!


Jumper & bag - Primark | Jeans - Zara | Necklace - Vivienne Westwood Growing up, I went through various different phases with my jewellery and accessories. Through my teen years when I was struggling to figure what style I wanted to go for one week to the next, jewellery and accessories were the easiest … Continue reading THE FINISHING TOUCHES


I have always been awful at being organised. When life gets a bit too much, I inevitably have a massive wobble, panic, and get absolutely nothing done. This I'm afraid, is what has happened to me recently. It seems working full-time, attending an evening course once a week, assisting in a makeup class every other … Continue reading CONFESSIONS OF A STRUGGLING BLOGGER


I'm absolutely rubbish at putting down a lot of money on just 1 item. 15 things at Β£3 each? Hell yeah! Β£45 on one thing? Lemme get back to you on that... That being said, as I get older I am seeing the importance of in investing in key items for my capsule wardrobe, and … Continue reading THE COMEBACK OF THE BACKBACK | MY CAPSULE WARDROBE

Applying For UK Cruelty Free Pro Makeup Discounts

Despite having earned my certificate in makeup almost a year ago, until today I was yet to have applied for any kind of pro discounts. It aways just seemed like too much of a time-consuming job (I wasn't wrong) and so it developed intoΒ one of those 'I'll get round to it one day' jobs. If … Continue reading Applying For UK Cruelty Free Pro Makeup Discounts