My lashes have always been an issue for me. I can't even tell you how many mascaras I have tried, everything from high end to £2. The issue has never really been length as such, my lashes aren't particularly short, however they would just never hold a curl. I would always use an eyelash curler … Continue reading THE LASH LIFT


The original Urban Decay Naked Palette was the first premium eyeshadow palette I ever bought, and since then I have collected every palette in the series with the Naked2 being my favourite - until now! With amazing formulas, super wearable shades and 12 shadows per palette it's no surprise the Naked palettes have become a … Continue reading REVIEW | URBAN DECAY NAKED HEAT PALETTE


I've been a huge fan of the The Ordinary skin care for a few months now (you can read my An Introduction To The Ordinary here), so when I heard they had launched foundations I was eager to try it! Currently they offer a serum foundation and a full coverage foundation (more formulas are on the way … Continue reading REVIEW | THE ORDINARY COVERAGE FOUNDATION

My Staple Beauty Favourites

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite beauty products - none of these are particularly new to the market, but they're my go to staples I know I can rely on. I have been using all of these for a while, and they are all cruelty free - bonus! Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern … Continue reading My Staple Beauty Favourites

Applying For UK Cruelty Free Pro Makeup Discounts

Despite having earned my certificate in makeup almost a year ago, until today I was yet to have applied for any kind of pro discounts. It aways just seemed like too much of a time-consuming job (I wasn't wrong) and so it developed into one of those 'I'll get round to it one day' jobs. If … Continue reading Applying For UK Cruelty Free Pro Makeup Discounts

My Favourite Cruelty Free Brands

Hello! I thought I would share with you some of my favourite cruelty free brands and why I love them! u r b a n  d e c a y In my opinion, for the price, Urban Decay is on of the most consistently impressive makeup brands on the market. I don't think I have ever been … Continue reading My Favourite Cruelty Free Brands

REVIEW | Urban Decay Metal Glitter Eyeliner

Hello! Happy New Year to you all!!! Before I get into the review I just wanted to say I am planning to really throw myself into blogging this year. Starting with posting once a week and building up from there. I feel like the pressure to maintain a blog can stress me out sometimes and … Continue reading REVIEW | Urban Decay Metal Glitter Eyeliner

MOTD – Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Bronzed Garnet

A Charlotte Tilbury concession recently opened up near me (!!!!) so naturally I went for a gander. I knew as soon as I got there that I was going to be coming away with a little something. I ended up buying a Colour Chameleon Colour Morphing Eyeshadow Pencil for green eyes in the shade 'Bronzed Garnet'. … Continue reading MOTD – Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Bronzed Garnet

MOTD – Urban Decay Vice Palette

Happy Monday! Do you ever have those days when you find yourself daydreaming about a makeup look you're dying to try, or a product you're craving to play around with? Well for me, today was one of those days. I had these colours in my head all day, so as soon as I got home from … Continue reading MOTD – Urban Decay Vice Palette

HOW TO | Winged Eyeliner

Let's be honest - everyone struggles from time to time with achieving that perfect winged look that is always made to look so easy. Whether you've been doing make up for years or you're a beginner, we all have those days when we whip out the eyeliner and no matter how steady, calm and slow we … Continue reading HOW TO | Winged Eyeliner