I have never been one for keeping a diary. I have tried from time to time, especially when I was younger, but it was just something I could never keep up with. I dread to think how many fancy notebooks I have bought over the years with the intention of it becoming my journal to … Continue reading JANUARY​


I have always been awful at being organised. When life gets a bit too much, I inevitably have a massive wobble, panic, and get absolutely nothing done. This I'm afraid, is what has happened to me recently. It seems working full-time, attending an evening course once a week, assisting in a makeup class every other … Continue reading CONFESSIONS OF A STRUGGLING BLOGGER

7 Ways To Improve Your Mood After a Crap Day

When you've had a shit day I know the urge to just lay in the bath with a bottle of wine, or eat an entire red velvet cake can be overwhelming (let's be honest we've all been there). However, there are other (and less boozy) methods to get cool, calm and collected after a challenging day. … Continue reading 7 Ways To Improve Your Mood After a Crap Day

First Post!

Blogging... Well this is a bit scary isn't it? First of all I should probably introduce myself. Hello - My name is Beth and I'm currently 24 years old and living in the fine English city of Norwich. This is me... I am a recently qualified make-up artist and so thought I would start a … Continue reading First Post!