The Blouse & Coat

I picked these up both at the same place, hence why I have bundled them together. There’s a charity shop that I have to drive past every day to and from work, so naturally, I occasionally drop in to see what I can find. This particular charity shop doesn’t have the largest clothes section, BUT what they do have is fill a bag for £2. I know right. So I bagged (literally) this blouse and coat along with a few other tops all for £2! You really can’t get better value than that.

I love the oversized fit of this blouse, I have always been one for buying clothes a size or 2 bigger than I really need because I am all about that comfy life. This blouse will keep me cool on warmer summer days (if we get any that is…) tucked into jeans or untucked like I have styled it here. You can’t go wrong with classic polka dots – forever one of my favourite prints. The coat was also a great fit for me, and a classic cut that can be thrown over basically any outfit year after year.


The Zara Mom Jeans

Bought from eBay a few months back, I won them at £11 which is a good saving on what they are new from the shop. I find they can be a bit tight when I first put them on after they’ve been washed, but after walking around in them a bit they loosen slightly and are a pretty good fit. The leg length is also pretty spot on although I tend to roll them up once or twice – I like the rolled up look so that’s not a problem for me!

I was always a skinny jean wearer before I ventured to mom jeans, not because I love skinnies (quite the contrary), but because I am a creature of habit and so skinny jeans just kind of stuck with me from my teens until now. To be honest, I struggle to find any style of jeans that don’t feel like they’re cutting me in half when I have to sit down for any length of time, skinny or ‘mom’ that problem always seems to follow me from style to style. I feel like jeans are like foundations, I will never stop searching for the perfect ones. But in the meantime, it’s fun to experiment with different styles and cuts to see what takes my fancy.


The Vintage bag

I have had this bag for years and years, I believe I picked it up at a charity shop in the market town near where my parents live. To be honest, it’s not one I reach for that often, but it’s always handy to have a brown bag to hand so I don’t think I will be parting with it anytime soon.

The Sunglasses and Watch

Both charity shop finds. In fact most of my sunglasses come from charity shops (or Primark) because as much as I would love to spend a bit of money on a nice pair, I know I will only sit on them/lose them/drop them, so it really isn’t worth it when there are so many cheap pairs to be found.

The watch was a great find for only a couple of quid as it actually came working which isn’t always the case with second-hand watches, and it comprises of both gold and silver metals so I can mix and match what jewellery I pair with it.


The Deardra Dr Martens

I also won these on eBay for only £23, and they were unworn so they were an absolute bargain. Now I am vegan I will no longer purchase new leather goods, however, I will continue to buy second-hand leather so I can still get my Dr Martens fix as there are always pairs to be had from eBay and Depop. These shoes a great all-around pair of flats that can be paired with anything from black tights and dresses to jeans as I have styled them here. Dr Martens are always worth investing in as they really will last you a lifetime, and the majority of their styles are so classic and timeless you have no fear of putting money down on something you’re not going to be into the next year.


The Vintage Locket

I found this at an antique fair a couple of years ago and it is perhaps the most expensive second-hand thing I have bought. As I recall it set me back about £100, but for an antique gold locket complete with chain, really the damage could have been much worse. I remember hesitating about whether I could warrant spending that much on it when I found out the lady who was selling it had come from Southend to Norwich to do the fair, and because my boyfriend is from Southend I decided to get it (?? I don’t know how I come to these conclusions sometimes).

Jewellery is something I have always thought it worthwhile to invest in, as it’s something you can keep and cherish for the rest of your life, or hand down when you get older.


Overall this outfit is a great springtime ensemble, all we need now is for spring to show it’s face so I can wear light blouses and open topped shoes all the time and my coats and scarves can be put away until the autumn. Unfortunately, it looks like they’re going to have to hang around for a bit longer. Bloody British weather…

Are you enjoying this segment on my blog? Suggestions welcome!

Until next time!

Beth x

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Photography Katie Jade Photography

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