As I think I have mentioned about million times here on my blog, I am an avid second-hand shopper. Whether it be in a charity shop, on eBay, a vintage fair or antique centre, I love having a rummage around to see what gems I can find. There is really nothing more satisfying than when you find the most perfectly fitting pair of shoes, a hardly worn inexpensive coat or even a new coffee table knowing that not only is it more sustainable than buying the items from new, but that you’re very unlikely to see somebody else on the high street with the exact same piece.  

On the flip side of this, you can also find some really current pieces, especially on eBay. With people who have impulse bought too much in the sales, or simply having a clear out and wanting to make a bit of return on their more valuable pieces, you can really grab a bargain.

So in light of the amount of clothing and furniture I have accumulated over the years, I thought I would start doing a ‘preloved outfit of the month’ segment here on my blog, and hopefully it will inspire someone out there to take a look in their local charity shops to see what they can find…


The Jacket

A simple blazer style jacket is always handy to have knocking around. I found this one in a charity shop yeeears ago, but it is so timeless I can’t see me ever wanting to get rid of it. It can be worn over jeans or dresses, for smart or casual dress – it is such a versatile jacket. It’s easy and comfortable to wear and can be thrown over basically anything – it ticks all the boxes for what I look for in a basic jacket.

The Zara Mom Jeans

One trick to successful eBay shopping, especially for something like jeans, is to know your size. I know that sounds so obvious, but if you’re like me and always find jeans shopping a nightmare, you’ll know how risky it can be to buy a pair without having tried them on first. Possibly the only downside to clothes shopping on eBay is the inability to try before you buy, and rarely sellers allow refunds so you’ve got to be pretty certain things are gonna fit.

I had been on the hunt for a pair of ‘mom’ jeans for a while, I had tried on so many in the high street shops (getting more and more stressed as I went along) when I eventually found some in Zara. Zara’s were actually some of the most inexpensive pairs I found, I believe they’re around £25-£30 which compared to some other shops actually isn’t too bad for a pair of good jeans. I tried them on to figure out what size I was and then searched for Zara mom jeans on eBay. Low and behold I found this pair for just £10! Less than half the price of brand new ones and I knew they would fit. No brainer.


The Converse Trainers

These were such a lucky find. I found these in a charity shop a few months back, by some miracle they were my size and as I recall they were around £5. Anyone who has ever owned Converses will know that even after just one wear, the writing begins to fade on the back and because of this I could tell these hard hardly been worn. I wear these to death and just goes to show you never know what you can find!

The Next Belt

This was a panic buy a couple of weeks ago. I was meeting Sophie for a coffee and to take a few pictures, about 10 minutes before leaving the flat I couldn’t find a belt. Not one. How someone misplaces all their belts I don’t know, but I had managed it somehow. Anyway, I stopped off to buy one from the Oxfam shop on the way and found this leather Next one for £4. I have never really been one for ‘statements’ belts as such, I really only wear them for the purpose for which they are intended, so I usually just go for pretty classic and plain. This one is a solid all-rounder.


The Next Polo Jumper

I picked this up just before Christmas from a charity shop we have here in Norwich where everything is 2 for £1 (I know right). I picked up this Next polo jumper and a pair of Marks and Spencer’s heels that I wore in this blog post. Both for a quid. That’s 50p each. FIFTY PENCE. I KNOW.

I have been on a bit of a high neck/polo jumper thing this winter, and there are plenty to be found in charity shops. Yes, I know you can get them cheap enough from Primark, but I have seen so many Next and M&S ones littered in the charity shops recently that I know will be better quality and still a bit cheaper. When it comes to just basic pieces of clothing, charity shops are perfect for picking up high-quality garments that are going to last at an inexpensive price. Whether you’re looking for just a plain black cardigan, a good quality belt or a woolly scarf, your local charity shops are bound to have these staples.

What is your favourite item you’ve bought second-hand?

Let me know what you think of this post as it’s something a bit different for me!

Thanks for reading!

Beth x

Photography Katie Jade Photography

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