I have never been one for keeping a diary. I have tried from time to time, especially when I was younger, but it was just something I could never keep up with. I dread to think how many fancy notebooks I have bought over the years with the intention of it becoming my journal to scribble in every night, but the more I realised how mundane my life was the less necessary it seemed for me to make a record of it. Now looking back, I realise it’s the day to day occurrences that shaped me to be who I am today, the friendships I made, the friendships I have lost, my interests and hobbies have changed so much over the years and now some huge chunks of my adolescence are only a vague memories. Hindsight is a great thing. With the new year I figured it was a great time to start something a bit different on my blog, I thought I would start writing little monthly recaps. I am not sure how riveting these little recaps will be (my life is still pretty mundane) but let us see how we get on, eh?


January is always a weird one, isn’t it? This year more than ever I swear it really dragged. I know it’s awful to wish your days away but I am truly glad that it’s finally come to an end! January is always a bit of a mishmashed month for me, as I try and figure out what I want to do and who I want to be in the new year I feel like I go through the full spectrum of emotions. Immediately after the new year I feel pretty lost, then a bit of motivation kicks in, then I feel slightly deflated and finally as February approaches closer and closer I regain some degree of level-headedness that I haven’t experienced since before the mad rush of Christmas. By the end of January, the year feels like it’s sort of coming into its own. Christmas is starting to feel like a distant memory and spring is finally on the horizon (is it too soon to be buying Daffs? Cause I’m kinda desperate for them now…)



As always I feel like I have 20 ideas running through my mind at any given moment for blog posts, but never enough hours in the day to fulfil them. The number one rule of blogging seems to be consistency, yet this seems to be the hardest one for me to follow! I need to remind myself more often that consistency and frequency are not the same things. If I can’t post twice a week or even once a week, then that’s okay. Even posting every other week is still being consistent, just less frequent. I think trying to just fit in a bit of blogging time here and there is the key for me to get anything done, as to find any solid amount of time to sit and write seems to be impossible at the moment!

I was contacted in January by Cari’s Closet to pick an item from their website to style, which was a lovely surprise! It always takes me back a bit when brands get in touch to collaborate with me. I kind of forget people actually read what I write sometimes, as stupid as it sounds.


New for 2018

One of the things I wanted to work on in 2018 is I wanted to read more. Ideally, I wanted to be reading a book a week, which I started off on course to achieve. I read The Catcher in The Rye (for the second time <3) and then David Nicolls’s The Understudy within the first 2 weeks of January (I loved both of them by the way!). I then started to give To Kill a Mockingbird a go, but unfortunately couldn’t really get into it. The thing is with me and reading is to start off a book I really need to get few a good few chapters in one reading session to get into the flow with what’s happening, and stupidly this isn’t what I did with this book and so gave up on it pretty quickly. I recently picked up another 2 books that I really want to get stuck into so I may leave To Kill a Mockingbird for another time and move onto something for the time being.



Something else I started in January the transition from eating a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet. I think I am pretty much there now, and I am actually enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would! I can still eat a tonne of stuff I did when I was just vegetarian, so I haven’t really felt like I am missing out on anything, which is great. Kenny and my parents are being really supportive of it as well which is super helpful. I am thinking of doing a couple of recipe posts if I find anything particularly amazing (and easy) to make. I made some banana bread last week that went down a storm so maybe I will give a cooking blog post a go…


All in all, January has been pretty good to me, the weather has been typically British, rainy, cold and grey. The mornings have been dark and I am drawing the curtains around 4pm, but to be honest I wouldn’t want it any other way. When winters are as miserable as we get them you appreciate the reappearance of spring even more. You can now start to notice a few flowers are starting to show their colour and the leaves are slowly reappearing. I can’t wait to say hello to spring once again.

Until next time

Beth x

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