Beth25112017-5I would be the first to admit I am not a morning person. Like at all. Ask my boyfriend, family or work colleagues – before 10 am I am barely a functioning human being. I always hoped it would be something I would grow into, but alas, in my 26 years I am yet to jump out of bed with the energy or enthusiasm I am always so jealous of other people for having from the second they open their eyes in the morning. I have friends who before 9 am can complete a gym class, or go for a run and still make it into work looking as fresh as a daisy, while I am rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and yawning until lunch time. Being a morning person just isn’t for me. However, there has always been one thing to help me through the 7 am alarm call, my most trusted ally – coffee.

Whether it’s to accompany a slice of cake while sitting in a cafe catching up with friends on a rainy Sunday afternoon, on the go on days when I’m trying to complete 10 things at once and there’s no time to sit and take my time, or the 4 cups I consume before 10 am most days, coffee is always my best friend. It’s the forever welcome reviver that perks me up with ice in the summer and warms me on cold winter mornings. There’s a coffee for every occasion, every mood, and every day of the week.Beth25112017-3Beth25112017-4The only time I really enjoy mornings is on the weekends. I can take my time getting up, waking up, and if I stay in my pyjamas until early afternoon, who cares? I am a lazy girl at heart, and supposedly an adult (questionable) so no one can tell me that it’s not ok to take my sweet time and spend half my Sunday morning lounging in my slippers and dressing gown.

My favourite part of a lazy weekend morning is breakfast – or brunch depending on what time I roll out of bed. It has always been my favourite meal of the day, although I only really get to spend time on it on the weekends as Monday to Friday I tend to stay in bed until the last possible second, and then it’s a grab a cereal bar and run out of the door kind of situation (I told you the adulting was questionable). Weekend mornings are for good food, and just as importantly, good coffee.Beth25112017Beth25112017-2I love to make special coffee on the weekends, so when I was asked if I would like to try some from local coffee experts Strangers Coffee Company I jumped at the chance. I often pop into their coffee houses in Norwich to grab a cup on the go, but I had no idea until now that you could buy their locally roasted coffee beans to brew yourself at home. A grand idea if you ask me.

I was kindly sent two flavours to try, Los Congos from Columbia and Rocko Mountain from Ethiopia. Rock Mountain is a sweet and intense with flavours of summer berries, tropical fruits with a pineapple acidity. While Los Congos is a more festive treat with refreshing citrus notes, hints of caramel, chocolate and sweet orange – perfect for this time of year and definitely the coffee I will be reaching for over the Christmas period. The smell and the taste of these two blends are both simply amazing – I had no idea I would be able to make such beautiful coffee in the comfort of my own home! Beth25112017-7Beth25112017-6With the festive season fast approaching, these bags of joy would make the perfect Christmas present for any coffee lover you may know. Or if you’re simply looking for a coffee-fuelled treat for yourself, whipping one of these blends up the next time your best mate pops round for a natter will not fail to impress.

If you’re ever in our fine city of Norwich I would recommend giving these guys a visit, as trust me, they know their stuff. If you’re from a little bit further afield you can try a variety of their coffees buy ordering from their website, there you will also find a multitude of information, tips and insight into their coffee, brand and vision.

Until next time

Beth x

Photos taken by Katie Jade Photography

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