Anyone who lives in the UK knows how bloody annoying our weather can be. One minute you’re sweltering, and the next you’re rummaging in the back of your wardrobe for a scarf to throw on. Annoyingly, more often than not I get it completely wrong – frantically taking off layers after an hour of shopping, or taking one step outside my flat and instantly wishing I had grabbed that jumper on the way out. This is especially true at this time of year, it’s no exaggeration to say we can experience all seasons in one week.

Not knowing what weather we’re facing one day to the next, it makes sense to have pieces in your wardrobe that can be not only worn on the warmer days, but also the chillier ones as we get deeper into autumn, for this reason an absolute winner for me for all seasons has to be the button up shirt.


My body temperature is forever up and down, so in the colder months for me layers are always the way forward. Buttoned up to the top with a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath, an oversized shirt is the perfect warm addition without the bulkiness of a jumper or sweatshirt. I live for comfortable clothes, and it doesn’t get much more comfy than this.


Alternatively, when it’s a bit too warm for a jacket a button up shirt is ideal to throw on over a strap top or t-shirt. Compact enough to throw into your bag if you don’t need it, and the perfect light layer if you feel like you need a little extra on. I’m super bad for over heating, especially when I’m wandering round by myself. I don’t realise it until I enter a shop or cafe that I have in fact been power walking the entire time (what I’m rushing for I never know), so something light like a shirt is ideal to wear off the shoulder when I need to cool down,  and can always be buttoned up if the weather suddenly takes a turn.

What are your versatile autumn wardrobe heros?

Photos taken by Sophie

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  1. Trust me you guys have it easier…. and u guys always look dress up and nice here in Miami is 100 degrees year around and on top of hot is humid 😭😭, the weather is bipolar when it comes to rain and today we finally got a nice breeze with 72 degrees but tomorrow is back to 85 degrees. People here dress well more like they underdress 🙈🙈. Btw I love the shirt with the flowers! And sorry for the rant lol


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