Dress & sunnies – Primark / Shoes – Converse / Watch – Fossil / Necklace – Vivienne Westwood (No longer on the website!)

Dresses have always been a tricky thing for me to feel comfortable in – to be honest I’ve always been more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. That being said, through the years I have found various styles that have taken my fancy, for example the tea dress with peter pan collar phase I went through 10 years go (blame ’07 Kate Nash). My latest happy place as to be the food baby concealing smock dress.

Any dress that doesn’t cling to any wobbly bits, has sleeves, can be dressed up or down and can worn through all seasons has a big thumbs up from me, and this dress ticks all the boxes! This isn’t the first smock dress I have featured on my blog, you may remember the polka dot number from my Bringing Your Winter Wardrobe Into Summer post a few weeks back. Clearly smock dresses are a bit of a thing for me at the moment. This dress been the perfect transition piece from summer to autumn, and I have been wearing it to death. With bare legs and trainers it’s comfortable to throw on for warm days strolling around the city, or paired with tights, leather jacket and heeled boots it’s ideal to dress up for colder evenings. No matter the weather or temperature, this dress has been a life saver the last few weeks as the British weather decides what the hell it wants to do.

I am loving how much more practical fashion is becoming! I would much rather feel comfortable in something and feel awesome in it than feel awkward in an outfit for the sake of it being ‘in’ for that brief moment. Of course we all have our own ideas of what a comfortable outfit consists of, but for me smock dresses are the ultimate comfy fit and I can’t see them exiting from my wardrobe any time soon!

What is your favourite style of dress?

Until next time!

Beth x

Photos taken by Sophie ❤

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