I’m absolutely rubbish at putting down a lot of money on just 1 item. 15 things at £3 each? Hell yeah! £45 on one thing? Lemme get back to you on that…

That being said, as I get older I am seeing the importance of in investing in key items for my capsule wardrobe, and this Longchamp backpack is one such item. Of course I did my usual thing for a few weeks… go into Jarrold, pick it up, look at it, lust over it, think about it how much I want it, then put it down while saying ‘maybe next week’ (I can’t be only one to do this?…) Eventually last weekend I caved in and bought it. Like I said, I’m not much of an impulse shopper, especially when it comes to anything remotely pricey. The more I um and ah over something, the more I come to realise whether it’s an item I really want or just an item I kinda fancy but not too fussed. The longer I left it, it turns out this backpack was something I really wanted.

To be honest, when backpacks first made their comeback a few years ago, the whole thing kind of flew past me. I didn’t see the appeal. Eventually, I invested in a Kanken (after much um-ing and ar-ing, of course) And after a few weeks of use I came to realise how much I bloody love using a backpack! However, after going through 2 Glastonbury festivals it’s no longer looking as presentable as it once did (they mark super easy!), so I thought I would look for a fancier alternative. When I spied this gem I knew I was onto a winner, and now have it I know I wasn’t wrong.

With its distinguishable brown flap, gold detailing on the zipper and popper on the front, this bag has the easygoing sophistication that Longchamp embodies whilst simultaneously remaining effortlessly casual. I can pair it with pretty much any outfit, and the security of both a zip and a popper flap means my mind is at ease in terms of safety (one of the reasons I was never keen on backpacks in the first place).

Definitely a worth while investment, I’m so glad I picked this bag up. without a doubt an item of my wardrobe I will get a lot of use out of for many years to come.

Have you picked up any items for your capsule wardrobe recently?

Until next time!

Beth x

Photos taken by Sophie ❤

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