Being a music lover all my life, and going to my first gig aged 13 (lets not talk about how long ago that was. Cry.), band t-shirts have always been a part of my wardrobe. In fact back in my younger days, I would have been highly disappointed in myself if I didn’t come away from a gig with t-shirt, or at least some kind of merchandise. A t-shirt was, and still is, the ultimate souvenir from a gig to show support for an act you love (love enough to buy what’s probably a stupidly expensive t-shirt…)

Although I don’t reach for my band t-shirts as much now as I did even 2 or 3 years ago, I will always hold them close to my heart. Although I wish someone had told me 10 years ago not to buy t-shirts in a small – I found my Wolfmother t-shirt up the other day and it’s practically child size. Good one past Beth.

All this being said, I realise that for some people band t-shirts are nothing more than a trend, and I can totally understand this. However for me, band t-shirts have never been much of a fashion statement, I see them as more of a personality statement. I have never bought a band t-shirt to be trendy, I just want to display my appreciation for an act I support.

What are your thoughts on the band t-shirt?

Until next time!

Beth x

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Photos taken by the lovely Sophie 

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