Applying For UK Cruelty Free Pro Makeup Discounts

Despite having earned my certificate in makeup almost a year ago, until today I was yet to have applied for any kind of pro discounts. It aways just seemed like too much of a time-consuming job (I wasn’t wrong) and so it developed into one of those ‘I’ll get round to it one day’ jobs.

If you’re also thinking of applying for any pro discounts, I have a word of advice for before you start – scan EVERYTHING. Scan your certificates, any magazines you have credit in, business cards, photo ID, insurance certificates… Anything and everything you have. Because depending on which discount you’re applying for they will ask for a cocktail of these kinds of things and it will be less annoying for you if they are already on your laptop ready to go if needed.

As I only buy cruelty free makeup these are the discounts I applied for


Nars offer 3 different discounts –

  • 40% / NARS Artist: For artists who work in the Celebrity, Editorial, and Film/TV industries
  • 30% / NARS Industry: For bridal/ special events artist professionals and industry talent (theatrical performers, models,agents)
  • 25% / NARS Apprentice: For students currently enrolled in a makeup artistry school/institute, or who have graduated from a makeup artistry school in the last 3 months.

All are very decent discounts! Each one requires different criteria. You can find out what you need to provide here. They don’t require anything too crazy, I am hoping to be granted the 30% discount as I could provide a magazine tear. Only annoying part was having to download the application form, fill it out, and then scan it back in to be emailed off.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury only offer 1 discount of 30% (good amount!) To be honest, I am not sure I will get this one. However, I thought it was worth a shot. The criteria are pretty strict, and can be found in the FAQ section of this page. I know I have some of what they ask for but maybe not enough to qualify. I will let you know how I get on. Fingers crossed!


One of the easier ones to apply for. They require photo ID (most do) and 2 more documents. Discount is 20%, which is slightly less than the rest but their products cost less to begin with so swings and roundabouts and all that. Find all the info on about the pro discount here.


Only 1 discount offered at a whopping 40%! Strange application as they just ask you to upload a copy of your resume, which I tweaked for this purpose. Not sure what they wanted written there. I attached copies of a couple of certificates for good measure, but I’m really not sure what they are asking for to be honest. We’ll see with this one but I am not holding my breath.

The Balm

This was an odd one. There’s no page on their website for pro discounts, however it is the top question in the FAQ section, and the answer is simply ‘Yes, we do offer a pro-artist discount! Please email for pro-artist discount eligibility.’ So no clue what discount is, or what they require in order to get it. I have emailed the address they provided so we will see what they come back to me with.

Urban Decay

Of course the one I was most excited about had to be the one I couldn’t get to bloody work. It’s fairly hard to find the UD Pro page and when you do, there is a link to an online form which NEVER loads. It just has one of the little loading circles that go round and round and round until the end of time and never get you anywhere. If anyone can get the page to work please tell me as it’s driving me crazy!

Any other cruelty free pro makeup discounts I need to be aware of?

I will do an update post on how I get one with these, how long they take to come through etc. Have you ever applied for pro discounts? What was your experience with them?

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!

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