7 Ways To Improve Your Mood After a Crap Day

When you’ve had a shit day I know the urge to just lay in the bath with a bottle of wine, or eat an entire red velvet cake can be overwhelming (let’s be honest we’ve all been there). However, there are other (and less boozy) methods to get cool, calm and collected after a challenging day.

  1. Watch something you love that you haven’t seen for ages. This could be anything – a YouTube video, or a Disney film perhaps. For me this would be the first Season of New Girl or anything Studio Ghibli. I know they will never fail in cheering me up.
  2. Clean. Hoover, dust, sort out that pile of papers you’ve been meaning to get around to for months. I find it helps take my mind off whatever is troubling me, and if you’re going to mope around the place it may as well be spotless.
  3. Take a walk. Fresh air can do the world of good, even it’s just for 20 minutes.
  4. Text a friend and ask how they are or how their day was.  It will stop you self obsessing for a bit, maybe you can lend a hand to a friend in need.
  5. Buy yourself flowers, bound to cheer you up! And also because why the hell not?
  6. Put on an album you love and lay down and listen to it, in its entirety. On the sofa or on the bed, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re comfortable and away from distractions. Make sure your phone is well away from you so you’re not tempted. Just lay back, close your eyes and enjoy! (I usually choose anything Bon Iver, but if Gay For Johnny Depp are more your jam then go hard. That is a real band. Ya, I know)
  7. Start a new book. Even if you’re already half way through one. Start a new one, a fresh new adventure for your mind to go on and distract you from what’s bothering you in the real world
  8. (If all these fail then fuck it. Back to the bath with the bottle of wine you may go.)

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