Charity Shop Haul!

I am an absolute sucker for charity shops. I can rarely walk by one without having to take a little look inside. Not only are they cheap, but buying secondhand clothing is also ethical. And of course you are also contributing to charity (while picking up a bargain) what’s not to love?

We all know how popular haul blog posts and YouTube videos are, however, I realised I don’t think I have ever seen a ‘Secondhand Haul’ so I thought I would give it a go! Me and Kenny have been raiding the charity shops in Norwich the past couple of weekends and we found some real gems. I know there’s aways been, (and unfortunately probably always will be) a stigma around shopping secondhand, but hopefully I can prove to you that by shopping in charity shops you can pick up just as nice things as anywhere else.

New Look Culottes – £3.50

The Culotte trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, so when I saw these which were originally from New Look priced up at £3.50, I knew I would be a fool to not pick them up.

18493088_1546521212078205_291578755_o-2.jpg18472399_1546521358744857_2084221246_o-2.jpg18516573_1546521522078174_373025628_o 2

After snooping on the New Look website, the cheapest pair of culottes I could see were these priced at £19.99, so I imagine the pair I picked up would have originally been at least this much, maybe more considering the pattern.

M&S Limited Edition Blouse – £4

Finding high quality brands in charity shops is one thing, finding garments that are from a high quality brand AND still have their original label attached is something else. And that’s what happened to me in finding this blouse.


I was immediately drawn to the pattern of this top, and its unusual ruffle that runs diagonally down the front and on the shoulders. Although this maybe more of an Autumn/Winter blouse, at £4 it was still worth picking it up, even if I end up saving it for later in the year. The original price of the blouse had been ripped off the label so I don’t know how much it was new, but going by the M&S website, their Limited Edition shirts and blouses range from £19.50 to £35 (most are £29.50) So I think I grabbed a real bargain here.

Converse All Star – £4.99

The item I will probably get the most wear out of are these. And to be honest I can’t believe I found them in a charity shop, and in my size!

I have been a Converse wearer on and off since I was 13. Back then I remember being with my mum and dad and picking up these exact ones for £15 brand new. These days you can pick up a pair from Schuh for £50, which is bloody expensive if you ask me.


They have obviously been worn a couple of times but are still in really good condition. Anyone who has owned converse knows that it only takes a handful of outings in them before signs of wear start to show, and these have hardly any. At £4.99 I really can’t complain, I am so chuffed with these.

Framed Mask Pictures – 99p each

These made a nice addition to our hallway

18493215_1546636642066662_393329520_o 2.jpg

Tea Light Candle Holder – £1.49

18516894_1546519465411713_1583996946_o 2

Another nice little addition to our home at a nice little price too.

So that’s all we picked up this weekend! As you can see I saved myself a few pounds, especially with the Converse and the M&S blouse. What bargains have you picked up at charity shops?


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