25 Things You Realise By 25

  1. Life at 25 isn’t anything like you think it’s going to be when you’re 15 (in my head I am still 15)
  2. You mother is nearly always right
  3. Your skin doesn’t miraculously clear up after your teens (unfortunately)
  4. Staying in is almost always better than going out
  5. It’s ok if being able to afford to buy your own house is still a distant dream
  6. It’s important to always make time for your parents
  7. Drinking a whole bottle of wine to yourself in one evening is surprisingly easy
  8. It’s not too late to pursue what you want in life
  9. You probably should have started properly looking after your skin about 5 years ago
  10. You still don’t know anyone who knows what they want to be when they grow up
  11. Sometimes you just need a good cry. For no reason.
  12. The idea of getting married and having kids still seems like a looooong way off – even if you are in a relationship.
  13. It’s ok if you still don’t have an amazing exercise routine or brilliant eating habits (a whole pizza a balanced meal right? I mean there’s some veg on it…)
  14. You may never be a morning person
  15. You should have started saving up your pennies about 10 years ago (see number 5…. and number 2)
  16. Some of that baby fat you had when you were younger is actually there to stay
  17. Most of the bras in your underwear draw are a lot older than you would like to admit
  18. A good bath can work wonders
  19. Getting in from work and having dinner ready by 8.30pm is a small achievement
  20. Sunday night blues don’t get any easier
  21. Neither does winged eyeliner
  22. Having less than £50 in your bank account by the end of the month seems to be the norm
  23. You will never stop cringing over some of the things you did or said 10 years ago
  24. You’re not alone if you feel like everyone around you has their lives way more together than you do
  25. Somethings you make will never be as good as when your mum makes it

Do any of these ring true with you? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading 💕

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