My Favourite Cruelty Free Brands


I thought I would share with you some of my favourite cruelty free brands and why I love them!

u r b a n  d e c a y

In my opinion, for the price, Urban Decay is on of the most consistently impressive makeup brands on the market. I don’t think I have ever been let down by a product I have bought from them. Their prices are more expensive than ‘drug store’  brands but not crazily expensive, and for the quality everything I have tried from Urban Decay has been well worth the money! With a selection of fun, colourful products as well as the classic tones and shades they truly have something for everyone.

n a r s

Nars are masters of foolproof makeup. No frills or gimmicks, just good solid makeup that gets the job done. Although I have only two Nars products so far, they are core staples in my makeup collection that I constantly find myself reaching for.

c h a r l o t t e  t i l b u r y

Proving that being cruelty free doesn’t mean you can’t be luxurious. Lavish packaging and amazingly decent quality, Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics are nothing short of amazing. Yes there maybe a hefty price tag , but for a treat every once in a while Charlotte Tilbury is my go to cruelty free makeup brand.

e . l . f .

A bit of a contrast to Charlotte Tilbury, e.l.f. provide some of the most affordable makeup on the market. And as it’s cheap as chips, you can order a lot for your money and go for products that you wouldn’t otherwise try,  for such a good price you can afford to take the risk. The quality is surprisingly good for the price and they always have amazing offers on their website so definitely worth a look!

n y x

Affordable and decent quality, NYX deliver on every front. My local NYX stand is always super busy and its popularity doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. With such a wide variety of shades for every product, I see it as a more affordable Urban Decay in some ways. I have several NYX products in my makeup kit (the foundation mixers are a life saver) and I will always give them a visit when I am on the hunt for new products for my kit, as I know for the price they will get the job done.

s u p e r d r u g

I just wanted to give a quick mention to Superdrug. For anyone who doesn’t know, anything that is Superdrug’s own brand is cruelty free! I have such respect for them because of this, and it has actually made me want to shop in there more often.

What are your favourite cruelty free brands? Are there any out there I should be trying?

That’s all from me for now, Until next time!

B x




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