Sunday Ramble: I finally did it

Hello there. Today is Sunday 31st January 2021, day 48294 (slight exaggeration) of lockdown here in England. It has just taken me a long time to figure out how to log back into this site, and what for you might ask? Well I actually have no idea. As you can see from the posts on … Continue reading Sunday Ramble: I finally did it


I can recall sitting in a cafe here in Norwich a few years ago when my friends and I saw out of the window a girl and a guy with a big ole camera taking pictures of her. After slightly closer inspection (ie gawking out of the window in a classic look but don’t look … Continue reading WHY BOTHER TO BLOG IN 2018


Banana bread has always been a favourite of mine. My mum has never been much of a cook, but banana bread is something she whips up from time to time and it's always a welcome treat in our house, so when I started to verge more onto the vegan side of life, it was the … Continue reading EASY VEGAN BLUEBERRY BANANA BREAD


The Blouse & Coat I picked these up both at the same place, hence why I have bundled them together. There’s a charity shop that I have to drive past every day to and from work, so naturally, I occasionally drop in to see what I can find. This particular charity shop doesn’t have the … Continue reading PRELOVED OUTFIT OF THE MONTH | MARCH


As I think I have mentioned about million times here on my blog, I am an avid second-hand shopper. Whether it be in a charity shop, on eBay, a vintage fair or antique centre, I love having a rummage around to see what gems I can find. There is really nothing more satisfying than when … Continue reading PRELOVED OUTFIT OF THE MONTH | FEBRUARY


It's no secret that the world of blogging is becoming more and more visual. There are content creators out there that can literally make their entire career and income solely from Instagram (lucky buggers), with minimal writing required. There's no escaping the fact that the visual side of blogging is super important, maybe just as … Continue reading BLOG PHOTOGRAPHY 101


I have seen a few blog posts recently where people are talking about their personal style and it brought something home to me that I have been aware of for a while, and something I have had many internal struggles with over the years and that's that I actually have no idea what my 'style' … Continue reading PERSONAL STYLE, OR LACK OF.


I have never been one for keeping a diary. I have tried from time to time, especially when I was younger, but it was just something I could never keep up with. I dread to think how many fancy notebooks I have bought over the years with the intention of it becoming my journal to … Continue reading JANUARY​


You can hardly flick through a fashion magazine without catching a mention of the Little Black Dress. I feel like growing up it's one of the items of clothing we have drummed into us that we just HAVE to have somewhere in our wardrobes, and to be honest, I'm not disagreeing. We've all had those evenings … Continue reading THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS

HELLO 2018!

Trousers - Zara (similar here) | Jumper - Vintage | Boots - Primark (similar here) | Bag - Biba (similar here) Hello January, hello 2018! There's always a buzz around the start of a new year - the realisation that we all have a fresh 12 months ahead of us, the seasons to go around … Continue reading HELLO 2018!